Seventeen Year Old Floor

This floor had a factory finish of aluminum oxide.  It was installed 17 years ago. In this picture you can see where the area rug was.

Sun bleached finish

We sanded the floor down to raw wood and stained to match the original color.


We used a professional grade satin urethane finish and applied 3 coats.

A Few Staircases

In the summer we were working on a few staircases.

With this job we replaced the balustrade with a more modern look.

This staircase the homeowner wanted somethong more contempory.  She really liked the handrail and newel post to be a continiual line.

This is a staircase we refinished in a house built in the twenties! We refinished the tread and risers and installed new floor boards on the landing.

With this staircase we refinished the handrails, newel post, treads, the facing stringer, painted the risers and back stringer.

Kitchen Island Cabinet

We were asked to make a rather large island cabinet in an old farm house. The homeowner didn’t have much countertop to work, for how big the kitchen was.
We built it so a microwave could fit underneath the countertop. She also wanted a trash/recycle bin cabinet. We got it installed and it fit perfectly with the room.

We then were asked to take out the old microwave and install a cabinet for the hidden range vent.

Cabinet Through the Wall

We were asked to make a specialty cabinet that would go through a wall, with a door to access the back of the cabinet.

It was created to house the computer and gaming apparatus, the cords were in the wall and the top of the cabinet was to hide the cords.

setting the base of thw cabinet

cutting hole for receptical in cabinet

cords will be hidden

 Access front and back

Pocket Door

One of our recent jobs was to make a custum sized door. This couple was remodling their basement and the door they needed was much shorter than  standard doors.

We made the door out of plywood and solid poplar, then painted it white.

Creating a Barn Door

We just finished up a project a couple requested. They wanted a barn door hung for a bathroom entrance. We were able to make the door ourselves, solid wood frame and plywood panels.

We then painted it white, just enough for the grain to show through.

We then installed it. We took down the door stop and put new boards to cover the gaps it had made.

From Carpet to Hardwood

In this house we pulled out the carpet that was in the living room, hallway, and staircase.

The homeowner requested special walnut for the stain  we installed new balustrade using store bought newel posts, metal balusters and shop made handrails.

A Different Color

We just finished up a floor job of refinishing the living room, dining room, and office. The homeowner requested aged barrel stain for the floors. The left column of photos are the “before” and the right column are the “after”.

Refinished stairway


This stairway was blond and the homeowners wanted a darker color. We sanded the previous dish and stain off and put dark walnut stain on the woodwork. We used an oil base finish for the sealant.

They also wanted the wood accents in the living room done along with the mantle.