Creating a Jig

We have been in the process of making a custom chest of drawers.   The young lady who requested it, wanted It to be rustic cherry.

Warren really enjoys making hand cut dovetails on the furniture he makes. He assembled the frame of the furniture with the hand cut, but with the drawers he wanted to do it a bit differently due to there are a lot of drawer boxes to make.

Since hand cutting the dovetails would take quite some time, he wanted to use his dovetail jig, but due to the size of the jig, he decided to make one on a larger scale to match the authentic look that he is after.

The jig he has would cut half inch dovetails, so, Warren started designing a jig to cut three quarters inch dovetails. It only took him a couple of days to get it completed.

The jig worked perfectly! Now the drawer boxes are on their way to being completed.

What Is Custom Woodworking?

We have had folks ask us, “So, what kind of woodworking do you do?” And to that we say, “Custom!”

Custom wreath Stands

So, what does custom mean? The first meaning is “a habitual practice, the usual way of acting”.  While that fits us, what does that mean to you? Another definition is, “made specially for individual customers.”  It’s about finding out what YOU want and making it to YOUR satisfaction.

Custom Austrian cutting board

Customers often bring hand sketched drawings or photos from the internet and ask, “Can you make this?” We usually can, and enjoy making the unique project for them.

Custom wig stand

Contact us for your custom work and watch your come true!

Custom phone booth, a wedding prop to dismantle and be used in the home.

Repairing An Antique Harvest Table


You know how it is when you have company and you need to enlarge the table.  Well, this one customer has this beautiful white oak harvest table that would not work properly.

The table had jute straps that were not attached completely to the leaves of the table.  The leaves were jamming when the table was being shortened. It took some effort to pull and push to work the slides.

We took the leaves out and worked on getting the straps attached in their proper place, then we discovered a skid board was missing, fortunately we had a scrap board in the tool box that was just the ticket.



We took bar soap, (paraffin wax is the best) and rubbed the wooden tracks underneath to get them to run smoother and quickly.

The table now is working very smoothly! We were able to close it up nicely.

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