Updating The Living room Floor

A job we did this week was to refinish a living room floor that originally had carpet when this homeowner purchased the house. He was planning on replacing the carpet and discovered hardwood floor underneath. He then called us to refinish it.
At the front door there was sheet vinyl with under layment stapled down. The staples were quite stubborn to pull out, which more than half of them snapped right off. We had to use vise-grips and end nippers to either pull them out or nip them.  We were amazed how many staples were there just at the front door.
We then sanded the floor which was a dark amber and then stained it to a rich dark walnut color.

The living room
The floor before sanding.
The staples in the front entrance.
THAT’S a lot of staples!! 😱
The floor sanded cleanly.
The front entrance sanded, stained and finished.
The finished job. 😊

Water Damage Repair

We were asked to come repair a hardwood floor in the dining room due to water damage.  When we were first notified it only affected one of the boards, when we got there it had affected about 5 floorboards.

We ended up cutting out the 5 boards and saw the extent of the damage.  We had a dehumidifier placed near the area overnight to dry it out before placing new floor boards.

That evening at our shop we stained and finished them to match the existing floor. Next day we installed them.

The area where we had cut out the water damaged floor boards.

Installing the new floor boards.