Making New Furniture

One of the projects we love making is brand new furniture.  We had a young lady and her fiancée come to us with their dreams of a rustic dresser and matching book shelf.

They liked the thought of using #1 common cherry, which we had in stock.

She liked the idea of cutting in recessed heart shaped handles.

After a couple of weeks, we had the dresser complete.

Now to get started on the matching bookcase. ? We used birch plywood for the back and solid cherry for the sides and shelves. We used curly maple for the raised panel doors and then used cherry as the trim work around the cabinet.

If you need new furniture that you just can’t find anywhere else, contact us to help create what you’re looking for.

Creating a Jig

We have been in the process of making a custom chest of drawers.   The young lady who requested it, wanted It to be rustic cherry.

Warren really enjoys making hand cut dovetails on the furniture he makes. He assembled the frame of the furniture with the hand cut, but with the drawers he wanted to do it a bit differently due to there are a lot of drawer boxes to make.

Since hand cutting the dovetails would take quite some time, he wanted to use his dovetail jig, but due to the size of the jig, he decided to make one on a larger scale to match the authentic look that he is after.

The jig he has would cut half inch dovetails, so, Warren started designing a jig to cut three quarters inch dovetails. It only took him a couple of days to get it completed.

The jig worked perfectly! Now the drawer boxes are on their way to being completed.