Repairing Stair Treads

This homeowner just moved into a newly built townhouse. When the refrigerator was delivered a lot of damage was done to the steps and the landing. We were called in by the insurance company to repair and refinish them.
The steps were also looking well worn and old.
We sanded all the treads, stained them with a mix of stains to match the other woodworking in the house and applied 3 coats of finish giving it a deeper, rich color.

New Balustrade and Beam, and a New Mantle

This project we finished up today. The homeowners wanted to upgrade the balustrade to compliment the wooden flooring done by others. They loved the idea of the box newels and metal balusters. They also asked to cover an existing beam with reclaimed oak.

We also made for another customer, a beam for a mantle to match the he floors we did earlier.

Refinishing Two Rooms Floors Into One

This house was built in the late 50’s or early 60’s. We were asked to refinish the floors upstairs and to refinish the stair treads, hand rail, and newel posts. The one bedroom was once two separate rooms, you could see where the two floors met did not match in color, but after we sanded the floor, we were able to get a better match.