Refinishing Two Rooms Floors Into One

This house was built in the late 50’s or early 60’s. We were asked to refinish the floors upstairs and to refinish the stair treads, hand rail, and newel posts. The one bedroom was once two separate rooms, you could see where the two floors met did not match in color, but after we sanded the floor, we were able to get a better match.

Stairway Revived and New Handrail

We completed a stairway and handrail job. The homeowner ripped the carpet off the stairs and took down the base newel post because it was so wobbly. He wanted a more modern look for the handrail. He went with having horizontal bars and we made the newel posts and new handrail. For the steps we installed the stair treads and risers. The homeowner was quite delighted to have a more solid handrail! 😊

The original hand rail and newel posts upstairs
The stairs with the carpet off
The stair treads before finishing them.
We made the custom handrail the homeowner wanted.
The new newel posts we made.
We stained and finished the treads and handrails with a warm red oak stain.
The homeowner wanted horizontal bars instead of spindle balusters.
The finished rail and newel posts upstairs