The Cat Scratch “Post”

This homeowner was in need of new newel posts. Her cat claimed them and sculptured them.

Artwork from a cat.

We were able to make them and install them.

Sanding and prepping the post.

We then stained and finished the post to match the rest of the hand rail and balusters. We were able to pull out the old newel posts and insert the new ones.

Needless to say, the homeowner put aluminum foil over the new posts to keep the car from sculpturing the new posts.

Old House Window Casing

There is a barn that was converted to a house that the homeowner is sprucing up. There was an oval window that the casing was falling apart. He asked if we could make one to replace it.

We had purchased a truck load of old barn wood that we were able to make the new window casing.

The homeowner was going to put the finish on it himself.

The original was painted white and was falling apart. We made the new one out of old barn wood.

A Table For Three

We were asked to build a custom sized desk for a home office to hold 3 computers.

This table is 8′ x 30″

She wanted it painted white.

Painted table frame, lags and drawer faces.
Table top

We then assembled after all the painting was done.

We then delivered the table and put it where the homeowner wanted it placed. Now she has plenty of space to work.

Repaired Rocking Chair

We had an antique rocking chair come into our shop that sustained a bad break.

A bad break

The back post was too long for the lathe, so we had to make the new turning using a different tool.

Too long for the lathe.

Warren made “wheels” to put on the wooden stick and “turned” it using the table saw.

“Turning” the back post on the table saw.

After turning it, Warren sanded it smooth, and then attached it to the chair.

Assembled, glued, and clamped.
Staining and finishing

Good as new!