Grandma’s Dressers

A couple asked us to refinish a couple of dressers that the lady had inherited from her grandma.  The dresser was made with solid wood with mahogany, and birds eye maple veneer.

It had a to have a few pieces of veneer replaced and had lot of water marks on the tops.

We stripped the old finish off and sanded it, then we applied new finish on them.

The maple was stained a bit but when we stripped the old finish we left it with the natural color.  The couple is going to use these dressers for their newborn.

Installed an Ornate Floor

We were asked by Johnson’s Hardwood Floors to help them by installing a very ornate floor.  The house is located in York City, Pennsylvania. The front room had carpet removed to reveal the original floor that was done ornately.  The project manager was told that the homeowner wanted have the next room’s floor done to match it.

The center field was douglas fir, the border around that was white oak trimmed with walnut.  Then after that was oak parquet and the corners had a greek key.

After installing, we then sanded, stained and finished it.  We then were asked by the home renovators to custom make the shoe molding for the front foyer, hall, living room, dinning, and back entrance.

 We are ever grateful to be a part of this project!