Repairing a Maple Cutting Board

A fellow brought a maple top of a cabinet to us that needed repaired. The showing side had major damage done to it so it was decided to flip it over and use the underside as the top. It had damage to that side, also but it was repairable.

Warren drilled out the damaged parts and put plugs in them.  The he trimmed them down and made the top look like new.

This Week’s “Post” :)

A local Nursery wanted us to make a post brace to display a new sign she had made by Denise, from Sign Post.

We used 6 x 6 inch western cedar for the posts and the back braces for it.

The notches were cut with a circular saw and then hand chiseled for clean up.
Then the cross braces were installed.
Tar applied.
The holes were dug and the posts installed.
The sign then was hung on the posts.
Caps were placed on the top of the posts.

The job completed, what a beautiful sign!

Restoring an Old House’s Floor

We were called out to a house that was built in 1811. The new owners wanted the bathroom floor repaired due to water damage.

Once we got the floor boards replaced with better wood we found on the property, we then started to do the sanding.

Now the floor is ready for three coats of finish. But before we started the finish, the home owner asked if we could put wainscoting on the walls.

Now, we can start the finish. 


After three coats of finish, the floor looks awesome!