Custom Made Loft Bunk Bed

We had a special order come in for a custom built loft bed for a rather small room. It was requested to have a book case on the end and to have the option to move the bottom bed closer to the window or away from it.  The home owner wanted it to be painted to match the trim work in the room.

We got the work done and installed it while the children were away with their mom. What a nice thing to come home to!

A New Handrail

We just got done installing a handrail system that a customer requsted. When he had his house built, he had a standard handrail installed.

Original handrail

He had envisioned having telescopic, boxed newel posts and straight balusters painted white.

After meeting with him, he decided he wanted walnut handrail and stair nosing with the newel posts and balusters painted white.

Warren had bought the lumber and started cutting out all the pieces to make 4 posts, of which 2 were large, and 2 were shorter, and 2 face fronts to apply to the walls. He then cut and sized up the balusters to fit the stairway.

After that, we painted the posts and balusters with the paint the homeowner requested, and stained and finished the rail and stair nosing. Now it is ready for installation.

In one day we installed the top banister an in two days the rest was completed.

After it was installed, the customer said it is better than what he’d imagined.

Our goal is to bring your woodworking ideas into reality. If you have something you are envisioning for your home, contact us, we’ll do our best help you with it.